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Born Mavrick
Christopher Kanal catches up with Sir Richard Branson to discuss luxury, space travel and the future of capitalism and finds the Virgin boss in contemplative mood on his Caribbean island retreat of Necker. read article


The Passion of Benedikt Taschen
Taschen, a publishing house with stores across the globe, is constantly creating the unpredictable and striving for the spectacular. Christopher Kanal meets its founder Benedikt Taschen, the legendary German publisher defined by his passion for the provocative.


My travels: Fergus Henderson
Architect-turned-chef Fergus Henderson is the pioneer of modern British ‘nose to tail’ cooking. His two London restaurants, St John and St John Bread & Wine, have generated two books and a Michelin star. Henderson is a central figure in east London’s arts community as well as an active campaigner for Parkinson’s charities.

Secret Middle East
Lucinda Baring explores the beauty of the empty desert, the rugged coastline and the capital Muscat.

Long Weekend

Room at the top
The quaint, 19th century architecture of The Dolder Grand in Zurich houses an array of imaginative designs, sleek wooden curves and unique spaces. Regularly visited by the Rolling Stones, The Dolder Grand is a charming experience lovingly re-imagined for the 21st century.

City in pink
On the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, the city is experiencing a renaissance. Christopher Kanal explores the once-divided area of Mitte and stays at one of the city's hippest hotels, Lux 11.

Come fly with me
Charles Rangely Wilson reels in the seven best locations to indulge in a spot of fly fishing.


Wealth Adviser

Bordeux Brilliance
Bernard Magrez owns 35 vineyards across the world but is famed for his micro-cuvée wines from Bordeaux. The wine magnate reveals the secret of his success to Richard Middleton.

Greetech's rising stock
As the Vatican plans to build Europe’s biggest solar power plant and the world’s largest offshore wind farm is slated for London's Thames Estuary, Selwyn Parker asks whether the time is right for investors to follow the Pope’s lead and put their money in renewable energy.

The Candy men can
Millionaire real estate magnates, Nick and Christian Candy - who specialise in delivering something out of the ordinary for customers spending a wallet busting £10 million on a designer penthouse - have their sights set on world domination. So what's the secret of the bothers' success, asks Laura Henderson?

Wings, Wheels and Water

Good Carma
Jodie McLeod unearths a luxury plug-in hybrid car that makes environmental sense without compromising comfort.

High-performance assets
While some forms of investment have declined dramatically, muscle cars have proven remarkably resilient assets over the past three years, doubling in value in the US, reports Selwyn Parker.

High season on the high seas
With his latest concept for super-yacht, Lord Norman Foster sets himself the challenge of achieving harmony between interior and exterior space and a harmonious sheared experience for owners. The result is a strikingly modern design and a radical departure for ultra-luxury ocean-going enthusiast.


Bright Starck
Renowned for his refashioning of consumer gadgets and hi-tech furniture, Philippe Starck has designs on the world of residential real estate. Laura Henderson quizzes the man with the bright ideas.


Cognac fit for a king
Rémy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac is a favourite for monarchs and hip-hop royalty alike. Cass Chapman travels to the estate where it is created and samples the company’s historic spirit.


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