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  • 3 Bailey blown up

    As suggested by the title of his recent Skull Beneath the Skin exhibition, Britain’s greatest photographer David Bailey exposes the interior landscape of his subjects’ lives. Christopher Kanal pays a visit to his London studio to find out what drives him. read more

  • 3 Raffles Dubai

    Inspired by the great pyramids of Egypt, this iconic 19-storey pyramidal structure has set a landmark in the city with its graceful architecture and interiors, flawlessly embracing the Middle Eastern and Asian designs. Raffles Dubai boasts a pre-eminent position in Dubai's landscape, being a short drive away from the business district and Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, and 10 minutes away from Dubai International airport.read more

  • 1 The Passion of Benedikt Taschen

    Taschen, a publishing house with stores across the globe, is constantly creating the unpredictable and striving for the spectacular. Christopher Kanal meets its founder Benedikt Taschen, the legendary German publisher defined by his passion for the provocative. read more

  • 2 Artistry in Motion

    Though he came from humble beginnings, fine wood sculptor Dimitriois Klitsas went on establish a style and technique unmatched by any other master carver of his generation. When creating sculptures for clients, he is able to interpret their vision and create pieces that exceed the imagination. read more

  • 4 Cognac Fit for a King

    Rémy Martin's Louis XIII Cognac is a favourite for monarchs and hip-hop royalty alike. Cass Chapman travels to the estate where it is created and samples the company's historic spirit.read more

  • 5 The Experience of Sculpture

    There are few private art galleries that can still bring new emotions to the visitor. But after 150 years the Frilli Gallery in Florence still does. Michelangelo's Bacchus, a panel of Ghiberti's Door of Paradise and full-size replicas of many other museum masterpieces can be touched and caressed freely by the visitors' own hands. This is a truly moving experience for lovers of Greek, Roman and Renaissance art.read more

  • 6 What Women Want!

    Renowned Stylist Charlie Brear has brought together her years of experience in fashion to create The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, showcasing to her customers a unique and enviable collection of wedding dresses and accessories.read more

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