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High Flyers
Luciana Stein reports from São Paulo on how the uber-wealthy are avoiding the traffic by taking to the skies.
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The Allure of Gold
Selwyn Parker digs deep for information on the most precious of metals and finds that,
though increasingly volatile in value during the credit crunch, gold has not lost its lustre.
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A Loveable Old Rogue
Tim Jepson takes the road to Damascus and finds a capital city steeped in history – Syria’s unspoilt urban delight, ravishing and raw yet secular and safe – without the typical drawbacks of Middle Eastern destinations.
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Comeback Kid
Rebel author DBC Pierre is something of an enigma. Having enjoyed a reckless youth, his debut novel won the Booker Prize in 2003 and he has cleaned up his act. Christopher Kanal catches up with him, working on a third novel from his home in Ireland. Click here to read article
Two’s Campana
Mark C O’Flaherty heads to Brazil to meet South America’s most unlikely but celebrated practitioners of contemporary design – the irrepressible Campana brothers. Click here to read article
Renaissance China
As the once sleeping giant of the East rises to rebrand itself, China’s art scene is experiencing a re-birth. Phin Foster discovers an art market trying to balance
genuine talent and huge values at auction with over-exposure and dilution of quality.
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New FrontIer
Christopher Kanal looks at the changing face of a land-mass feeling the effects of global warming and finds that the world’s largest island has also become a speculator’s paradise.
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Northern Exposure

Greenland may not yet be glitzy but it is certainly grandiose. Josh Sims beats the crowds to take a snapshot of the most unspoilt of natural beauties. Click here to read article
On the Waterfront
Waterfront City, the focal point of a newly proposed Dubai land development twice the size of Hong Hong, is set to become the business and residential heart of Dubai’s transformed coastline, writes Jodie McLeod. Click here to read article
Papal Pampering
Christopher Kanal visits Florence to investigate Europe’s first city centre private residence club. Click here to read article


Snow Patrol
Cass Chapman hits the slopes of the chicest resorts to be seen at this season. Click here to read article
Retreat in the City of Lights
A luxurious French take on 1930s modernism and elegance, La Réserve is perched on the monumental Art Deco Place du Trocadero, Paris, with spectacular views of the city. Christopher Kanal explores a home from home where personal pampering is a tradition. Click here to read article
Mi Amour
Swedish-born artist Andre Saraiva hasn’t skipped a beat in his hop from street graffiti to the super-hip nightlife of New York, Paris and Tokyo. Mark C O’Flaherty speaks to him about his latest venture – Club Amour in Tokyo. Click here to read article
New Sensations
Bold boutique hotels in Buenos Aires and New York are perfect prospects for a winter break. Click here to read article
Millionaire's Paradise
The Rolex Swan Races in Sardinia are the pinnacle of the global sailing calendar. Swan yachts from around the world compete and the people, the atmosphere, the exquisite boats and the celebrity-hunting paparazzi combine to make for some seriously chic and extremely exciting races. Click here to read article
You Are What You Eat
Christopher Kanal talks to conceptual food artist Marije Vogelzang, the inventive mind behind Dutch food studio Proef, who thinks eating is all about interacting with your environment. Click here to read article
Vintage Genes
In celebration of its 150th anniversary, the Vinos de los Herederos del Marqués de Riscal winery will host an extraordinary weekend of gastronomic and cultural delights – the Marqués de Riscal’s Super Vintage Weekend. Click here to read article
Genius of the Bottle
Michel Rolland’s presence is felt throughout the world of wine and he has arguably changed forever the vinification process, yet his scientific techniques have become highly controversial. Richard Middleton speaks to an oenological revolutionary.
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Helping Hands
As the basis for philanthropy switches from old money to new, Will Hawkes looks at how benefactors are interacting with the charities they support. Click here to read article

The Structure of Wealth
Stuart Davies, investment and pension consulting director at Deloitte, looks at the tax implications of the 2008 UK Government’s Budget for high earners. Click here to read article



The Governor
Having become the 28th and final Governor of Hong Kong in 1992, overseeing its handover to the People’s Republic of China, Lord Patten of Barnes speaks about his experiences and offers some advice for would-be visitors.Click here to read article

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